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January 12, 2018
By Charlie000 BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
Charlie000 BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
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At least when I take off my glasses,
my vision blurs into a kaleidoscope of colors.
Or I can look away.

But there is nothing to stop hearing the things I don’t want to hear.
Like hearing you love until you ache.
And your cries for peace.
So when you dance around your room with the girl of your dreams,
I see the blurred happiness from miles away.
But I hear everything from your sweet “I love yous” to screaming from laughter.
Maybe I put this distance between us.
Maybe it was time and your obsessions with your reputation.
Or the fact I always forget my glasses at home.

I wish to see your smile one more time.
Standing in your room with glasses on in the middle of the summer.
Seeing your smile clear and crisp.  
In the middle of changing colors.
Only the faint echoes of your love caught in the room I can’t see anymore.

The author's comments:

I lost my best friend because of reasons I don't exactly know to this day. I wished to see her again in the same light as I did before everything went wrong. Therefore, I wrote this.

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