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January 12, 2018
By Britlyn BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
Britlyn BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
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You’re an entire ocean that stirs inside my ears.

I drift in the midst of your waves,
As they methodically roll me deeper
To a place where I can be myself,
Where my feelings float free.

Your melody, your words,
Both hold me together and pull me apart,
And I float in every aspect of your musical waters.
When I’m angry, the ocean rages;
The neglected storm I keep inside is unleashed,
And I hear the shred of guitars and loud banter pulling it all out.


I sink deeper into the thunder;
When I’m sad, the ocean stills -
There’s no wind, no waves, no lighthouse ahead.
But then the lyrics call, like Odysseus’ sirens
luring me back to the horizon, away from the abyss.

And when I’m happy, the ocean rolls;
The once absent waves now push me forward,
And the wind aligns perfectly with the sails.
I listen to the uptone beat playing its background noise
That steps in tune with the desires of my heart.
As I watch land come into view,
It shows as a sign that my journey is almost over,
And I know when my aged soul docks,
That when it’s time for me to grow some more -
I will go back into the ocean again.

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