Teenanger Years

January 12, 2018
By Kate01748 BRONZE, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Kate01748 BRONZE, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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Old people say, they’re the best years of your life,
From our point of view they are just filled with strife

Seventeen and feeling out of control,
How do I tell them, I want to chill out more

What will it take for them to see,
I want to be seventeen,
I want to be free

What if I was a fish, swimming free in the ocean?
I could follow the school, or drift with the current,
Friends would come and go with the waves, and
I could test the waters instead of my parents

I would be free to swim the seven seas, but always feel like I am caught in the net;
Keep swimming against the tides
Avoid the hooks and don’t fall for the bait;
Fish don’t hug or hold hands;
But I will always be their little guppy.

The author's comments:

I tried to take how a teenager feels and encorporate it into a fishes life 

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