The Diary of An American Dreamer

January 12, 2018
By QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
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"Shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll land among the stars",Les Brown.
"Never let the fear striking out ,keep you from playing the game".
"You're perfect in your own way"

Orange is the new black

so sad,soon or later will be the Fall of America

instead of moving forward it's like we're going back

just because the projects are from the White House,

doesn't mean it should exclude Black

we didn't choose to be wrapped into a colored skin,you know

and we've been fighting long enough

Fought for an equality that we'll never fully have

Screamed after civil rights,and freedom

which many jailed,beaten up,died for

Mandela,Malcolm,martin Luther Jr

but no matter all that,

we're still the most mistreated,disrespected

I don't ask to be recognized by my skin color

Don't judge me by the imperfection of my brothers

yes,I know that the states yards are 90% colored 

but the truth is that most of us are jailed

without knowing the crime that we've committed

all we asked is just see us as human beings 

don't classify us,like we're some belongings

I shouldn't feel offended,yet,I'm angry

my voice is too weak,i don't have no other way to express my feelings other than poetry

listen,for you guys that don't know,I'm from Haiti

yes,that little country,the victim of all Powers,

"Pearl Of Antilles"that after stolen all its gold,resources

that they rank among the poorest and many much more

I was trying to remain calm,but no not this time

I'm not going to stand back,pretend everything is alright

yes,for you,i might be wasting my time

But i have so much reasons to be mad 

that to give some i truly don't know by which one to start

Before saying anything,may God protect my little boy just in case that piece right here causes him orphan

Lord,please strengthen my husband and mom,just in case that piece of poetry,throws me in prison

Dear Almighty,please wash away my sins,if after writing that,my life is taken from me

And to all my brothers,don't forget"dying is cool,for the Flag and the Country"

the last statistics state that 15k haitians have aids in the US,after a reporter stated that we only eat trees

listen,dear President,your country is what it is,thanks to its diversity

if you take a look around,i bet that you'll see,most of the hard work we make them without complaints and we follow your rules even most don't even make no sense to our ears

Why Haitians,Africans have to come to the USA?

That's what you ask!Okay let say,with a great respect

go sit back in an elementary class,and study what makes your country what it is today

Check out,businesses,factories,restaurants,and estimate how many % that are from immigrant

the road that you take won't take you to any good destination

why instead of working united,you are trying to divide us into nation

Races,Colors,Social Class,come on...the clock already past that time

You say "In God We Trust" while that same God doesn't divide us when he pours his blessings,his graces,neither his curses

That same God created all of us by his image,and give us the land to produce

what's wrong about somebody leaving his country to find a better life?

What's so wrong about dreaming?Dreaming of making somebody out of nobody who can step up and help everybody?

I know I won't find an answer,because my voice in that poem will  never be heard

But listen,each nation is part of what America has always been

and to make it Great Again,you have to reject your view of segregation

Orange is the new black,that's true

We might not have Power,but we have voodoo

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