My Favorite Seasons

January 11, 2018
By Anonymous

The sun glistens on the trees
Green fades as red is relieved
As cool air enters your lungs
Hot coffee is warm to the tongue
The fresh air hits your face
Kids play outside someplace
Leaves crunch from under your feet
Inside the house, I turn on the heat
Winter is coming and the house is warm
I no longer watch the trees transform
Frozen ice falls from the sky
I had to throw away my pumpkin pie
Leftover from weeks meal
Christmas is coming and I begin to squeal
The soft frozen snow and nowhere to go
It’s starting to feel like Chicago
I hike up my boots and head to the mall
Later, I leave with quite a haul
Presents for everyone and myself too
I might be starting to get the flu
My favorite season is here at last
I pray it doesn’t go by too fast

The author's comments:

Written for a 10th grade creative writing class, this piece has been revised multiple times and is now ready for final publication. 

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