A mistake

January 11, 2018
By SyrupDaddy BRONZE, Wheeling, Illinois
SyrupDaddy BRONZE, Wheeling, Illinois
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To the people drowning

Feeling down and swimming away
Receiving a call and driving away

Exiting the car and walking in,
Why didn't I walk away?

Knowing this isn't right
Knowing I should distance myself
Knowing my mind is suppressing my feelings

All my feelings but sadness
All my feelings but the rush

That sweet sensational superb rush
Its keeping me afloat in the pit of tears
Gasping for a breath or two on the other side

On the other side
Where people laugh and dance
Where people love and cry
Where people can feel what they need to feel
Where people don't want to drown willingly
Where people fight for themselves and fight for what they love

We all carry baggage,
She added to her baggage

Purposefully folding
Profoundly lying
Perfectly convincing
Stupidly caught.

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