Clever and Mighty

January 11, 2018
By LillyDarling BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
LillyDarling BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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They studied each other’s weathers,
Fixed on gaining power.
Who is smarter, stronger, quicker, better?
And for it, what will they risk or sour?

The King charges the field with fists of lead.
The Queen plans a war with her head.
The tapestry of quiet wives coming unthread,
So the King must paint the palace floors red.

Is she to be hanged, scourged, or ignored?
Hanging it is! Tomorrow and his people will roar.
The King was killed the night before.

Beaten to death with his own scepter!

Tyrant, once old and mean.
Now gone! It was never foreseen.
Who could have outsmarted the mighty King?
No other, but the clever Queen.

The author's comments:

Who will win?

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