Change Occurred

January 11, 2018
By Sarahevelyn19 BRONZE, Santa Monica, California
Sarahevelyn19 BRONZE, Santa Monica, California
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Like some kind of Metamorphosis
But one that happens in the mind
A Caterpillar metamorphosed
Into something much more refined

It hides itself in a Chrysalis
A change occurs while secluded
And emerging is a Butterfly
With golden Wings of fortitude

It is a kind of Metamorphosis
Now no longer who you were
For Change,
Has just occurred

The author's comments:

I think my inspiration for this poem stems from the thoughts that pass through my mind while I do monotnous everyday tasks. Whenever I let my mind wander I tend to reflect on myself and how my morals and values have changed over time. In this poem I try to merge and tie my self-reflection to a physical entity, which in this case is the butterfly. 

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