calloused fingertips

January 11, 2018

 I see in your eyes my future
   I see a life filled with happiness and love and NO regret
   But i don't know how get it
   I don't know how to grasp it
I reach for it and it slips through my fingertips like air
   My finger tips that are calloused from fighting for our love
But I would do it all over again.
   I would do it all over again because you are the love of my life and without you I am lost
   Without you i just feel life less
   I feel like i am going through life but i am not living without being in your arms
   Your arms that shield me from so much harm
   From so much pain and suffering
   You have held me when i couldn't hold myself together
   You loved me even when i couldn't love myself and you have defended me from life's downfalls
   You are the love of my life and i will love you always and forever  

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