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January 10, 2018
By dmwalbridge BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
dmwalbridge BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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She doesn’t love me
I keep telling myself this.
I definitely don’t want to believe it.
It’s just another one of those crazy little things we do when we’re “in-love,” whatever that means.
It’s like we’re the variable and the scientists
but we forgot what we give the placebo to.
So I tell myself she loves me, even though she probably doesn’t.
Maybe she does.
I’m sorry
I wanted to tell you I’m sorry
For all the times I’ve hurt you
Intentional or not.
I’m sorry for all the times I underestimated you.
I’m sorry I wasn’t always there for you
I’m sorry I made it worse.
If I could take your place
I would.
You are the person who least deserves this
Yet it’s yours.
So I’m sorry
For everything
I love you so much
And I’m sorry I didn’t say it more.
I’m sorry.
Things I’ve Learned in Choir
King Kong isn’t a beast.
He just didn’t want to be lonely.
So he grabbed Jane,
And took her to the Empire State Building
On a date.
Every person interprets a piece in different ways.
To act the part,
You need a person in mind,
And exactly what you want that person to hear.
Deck the Halls is actually Deck the HALL
Loud banging on a piano taught me that.
I’ve also learned that one million guns
Were sold on Black Friday
In a country where more than one mass shooting occurs
What a solution to America’s gun problem.
On Thanksgiving,
My cousin asked me
Why I looked sad.
Jokingly I said,
The problems being caused
By every generation in this room
Are being put on me
And my generation.
My cousins face fell
As he quietly said
“What’s sad is you’re right.”


What Ifs
What if we could fly?
Spread our wings
And soar.
What if we never died?
Never had to cry,
About losing the one we love.
What if everyone was the same?
Same skin, same wealth, same blame.
I think I’d like that.
But then again,
If we were all the same,
Wouldn’t the world get boring?
Same old story.
But I think if we had world peace
That’d be cool.
All love,
Universal rule.
So I’ll take my chances
And spread my wings.
And fly higher than they ever thought I could.
No experience and yet it all happens.
Bam. Decision.
Them or them.
This or that.
Easy way or a risk.
Risk takers take their risk
Yet they might not be as happy
as they could’ve been
Without it.
Those who never have the will
To take a risk,
And choose the easy way out,
Will always think of what could’ve been.

The author's comments:

Writing these poetic pieces was inspired by my feelings and my experiences in high school so far. The poem that was most influenced by the people around me was "Things I've Learned In Choir" because my choir teacher is one of the most colorful people I know. Normally she's just really wild and crazy but then when she talks about political issues, like gun violence, her face becomes so somber and she gets so serious and it just is incredibly compelling.

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