Silhoette of him

January 10, 2018
By LovelessPoetry SILVER, Napa, California
LovelessPoetry SILVER, Napa, California
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I am not the kind of person who has a smile constantly dancing across my face with an elegance, I am most definetly not the kind of person who will open up like a flower that will blossom in the spring time, seemingly overnight, though I am what you could call selective, the type of person who is ever so careful as to whom they let into their life, I dont just let people waltz on in and create havoc within my soul, yet with him, I did, I let him slip past the gaurds and towards the baracades I built so high to protect myself, he crumbled them into a dust so fine, completely unaware to myself at the time, but he had not crumbled the protection I had built, he carved a perfect silhouette of himself within them, so he could enter and leave as he pleases, and personally I know I will never mind it, I will not patch up the entrace he created into my world, because why would anyone shut out true love?

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