January 10, 2018
By Zeena'sink BRONZE, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Zeena'sink BRONZE, Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"Comparison is the thief of joy."

The arid room seemed to come to life

at the sound of her approaching footsteps.


The walls fought at their intersecting corner

to take a first look at her.

The air itself stopped in anticipation.


A bright red bird glided to a stop in front of the window

and tilted his head and wingless body to the side in curiosity. 


The incessant and strictly coordinated pulse of the clock that had seemed so loud and intrusive earlier

faded itself into silence.

Every living and inanimate thing in the room felt

the shock of the brightness that entered.


Sweeping after her a white dress, her bare feet seemed to change the floor to gold where she had stepped.

Innocence itself had clung to her and had long ago

made up its mind never to let go.

Her glowing, wise soul coated her outer body for the whole world to see.


Yet, the most extraordinary thing was her eyes, 

trained beyond years to see a form of clairvoyance into

people's lives that, at the same time, seemed frightening. 

They were an ordinary brown that at first seem blasé

but quickly establish their reputation.


She gives her dense stare that is known to change the ever stable state of gravity itself.  

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