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The Way We Say Hurtful Things

January 10, 2018

Hate words, 

hate crimes,

hate signs,

but what are they worth out of all that hurt?

nothing more than washed up people preaching to dirt.


There's no difference in the way you say hurtful things

or how far away you say them,

it is still the same hurt just from miles away.


These same hurtful ways not only hurt us but the people we love yet we stand idol and watch this never ending play,

but for all of our sakes make a stand today,

and make these hurtful words fade away.

The author's comments:

One major inspiration for this poem was after I witnessed some bullying in my school. I just sat down and really took some time to think of all the times I have witnessed "hate crimes", and then I looked further into the motives behind them. Hurt was at the basis of all of those motives. Whether intentional or not we have all been hurt in our lifetimes, it's just a matter of how we cope with it. I really want people to realize that there are betters ways to cope, and most importantly there are people here for them that are ready to listen.

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