The Next Course

January 10, 2018
By DavyBramer GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
DavyBramer GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
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I slide my bulky boots into the firm plastic bindings
of my snowboard  position each of the straps over my boot.
And snap the straps into place using a small lever.
Clicky sounds overwhelm the frosty air.
I wobble myself upright, scoot
to the edge of the hill and
jump right into the slope.
A thin layer of sweat build up under my hat
as my heart starts to pump fast
when i slide down the hill.
A wide surface of thick snow arises
putting my board at a slow speed.
I scan the area looking for a good path and move to one.
Then I regenerate speed and finish off the hill with a blast.
I skid my board on its side I come
to a complete stop.
I unclip my boots out of my bindings
and haul my snowboard over to the ski lift.
I rejoice in enjoyment
“Onto the next course”, I say to myself 

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Snowboarding poem

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