Me Too

January 10, 2018
By manoreejoy BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
manoreejoy BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
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Me Too, Me Too, Me Too.
The women in our country finally have a voice.
Me Too, it spreads like wildfire.
The cries of women telling their terrible tales.
But this wildfire has spread at an uncontrollable rate,
to a point where sexual harassment cannot be defined.

Women took a step forward,
Only to take ten steps back.
For we are taking attention away from the real victims.
People won’t take us seriously anymore,
Because we whine and complain,
When a man winks at us in the hallway,
Or makes us “feel” uncomfortable.

Meanwhile there are traumatized victims.
Children sitting in the corners,
Suffering from real abuse,
Real sexual assault.

I want the women in our country to have a voice,
And to use it when they are facing true sexual assault.
Not when a man’s kiss makes them uncomfortable,
Or when his jokes go too far.

Harassment is unacceptable,
But assault is much worse.
We cannot continue to lump these two together,
Treating them as equal offenses,
With equal consequences.

It is such a shame for I want women to be equal,
But we cast a senator out for actions done in the past
For offenses that did not fit the definition,
Of sexual assault.

My fear is that women who are assaulted,
Will not be ever be taken seriously.
The lines have now been blurred,
People see the Me Too movement,
As women whining about something,
As simple as a wink.

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