d i d n ' t y o u k n o w ?

January 10, 2018
By 0skyscraper0 SILVER, Stockholm, Other
0skyscraper0 SILVER, Stockholm, Other
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read the fine print, darling.


because didn't i warn you, it would be like this?

didn't you know


that when i said you'd belong in a workplace


i meant as a tool to be played with?


didn't you know


when i talked to you of marriage


that i meant you had up to twenty-three years old to wed yourself away


to a man who's face looks good on a postcard?

didn't you know


from the moment i had you


that children would be expected out of you


(but not a minute before your wedding day, where your legs could spread)?


didn't you know


that handprints on your hips and your thighs and your legs andyoureverywhere


is a part of the experience of being a lady


so don't make such a fuss about it, will you?


didn't you read the fine print


and know that since the day you were born


you were assigned an object, and nothing more?


didn't you know


that once you're past your prime


you're going to have some daughters


and raise them to be just like you?

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