My Greatest Accomplishment

January 10, 2018
By isabelavatar BRONZE, Indian Creek, Illinois
isabelavatar BRONZE, Indian Creek, Illinois
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It is my conclusion
That every parent has this illusion
That their kid is special in some kind of way.
In their minds, a superhero that saves the day.
Being their first child,
My parents went wild
Over the prospect that I was the chosen one.
The most special human being whose life of greatness had just begun.
The only problem was that by the time I was eighteen,
My notable talents included cooking ramen and never keeping my room clean.
Oops, sorry Mom and Dad.
But, my parents weren’t sad.
They were proud of me for something more than any remarkable talents I could have had.
They loved the person I had become.
I was kind and smart and charming and fun.
Of course, I can thank no one but my parents
For giving me these traits to inherit.
My mom taught me to be independent and strong.
My dad taught me that to learn anything I had to first be wrong.
They said that in the world today,
I was going make it and do more than okay.
There was nothing on this earth that I loved more than my family.
How could I not since they were always there for me?
When I look up now and see them watching me from the clouds,
I know the greatest accomplishment of my life was making them proud.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece about as if I were an adult pondering one day about my parents who had already died. The positive, strong impact my parents have made on my life inspired me to write this about them, as they will continue to be my greatest inspiration forever. I hope anyone who reads this poem will find a new sense of love and appreciation for their parents, no matter the current state of their relationship. 

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