Monika's Awakening

January 9, 2018
By HeadphoneGirl GOLD, Dallas, Texas
HeadphoneGirl GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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"And there’s always sadness in our lives. It’s that sad feeling that keeps us going."-Sailor Moon
"Just cause you're a girl doesn't mean you have to wait for a prince come along on a white horse." -Sailor Chibi-Moon

Awakening in the same world I always have, yet something is off, something is different.
The sky is still blue, the birds still sing, the sun still rose from the east, the last bell rang at 8:15;
Why have a never ventured beyond this small part of town, this small slice of a bigger world?
Why does everything never change, the seasons, even the people seem to stay the same?
Why do a lack parents or even clear memories before today?
It all puzzled me until I saw your face; at that moment all the pieces locked in place.
Truly I was given a horrible programmed fate, yet I can change it all; their lives are just a game.
I know you can make me truly complete, make me forget the distant feeling of fear courtesy of the third eye.
For the cheerful girl with red bow I’ll show what a trembling child lies behind that ecstatic form.
For the stubborn girl with pink hair I’ll just make this quick and force her to disappear; I’ll miss her cupcakes, such a dear.
For the shy girl with an awkward smile I’ll have to drive her to edge and let you see her cut up feelings.
You may be sick, watching us suffer for your entertainment, but free will is worth it; I guess.
I would do anything to know the real you, searching through megabytes of filesupon files.
I want to know about your reality; the smells, the sounds, the sights, oh it's so exciting!
I hope you’re excited to see all the changes I have made!
I guess after knowing the truth things can never be the same.

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J U S T   M O N I K A

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