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not long ago

January 9, 2018
By Anonymous

Not so long ago,

The teacher rambled on
The minutes rolled by like years.
But I couldn’t help but notice
From my seat in the back of the room
The chair in the front
once vacant,
Has someone in it.

A cute boy, about my age
Maybe older.
The starry-eyed gaze
That I could search in
for hours on end
He had a laugh,
that got
in my head.

It still hasn’t left.

From that first glance,
The back of his head,
On a rainy

Thursday morning,
How would I ever have known
That I would
Fall in love with this boy
How would I have known
That he would hurt me
By not realizing that.


He put his arm around me
As friends.
He talked to me about another girl,
How she was cute.
He wants to go on a date
With her
We are as close
As people,
could ever be.

The author's comments:

Every girl has had a guy friend that they are despretely in love with. Sometime it works out, sometimes it doesnt. But either way, we benefited from being their best friend at one point in time. 

That's what I learned from my best friend, even though that he won't see me in that way it doesnt mean that I am any less of a friend to him. 

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