America, America

January 9, 2018

America, America. Oh, come to me America. With
your luminous colors and bountiful fruits of freedom; opportunity. The land of 10,000 wishes and eternal
promises, sing for me America. Scream from the
mountaintops all the ways in which you are her to
serve me. Tell me all the ways in which I can have
the better life I pined for: the American Dream I was
too afraid to even wish for.
Hold me tight and when I cry from exhaustion at
the end of the work week, fill your embrace with more
than sheer contact. Fill me with your soul. The soul of
the many people who have walked through your
golden iron clad gates into freedom. Of the dreamers
with their heads in the clouds flying so high on an
endless stream of hope.
And when I'm tired and weary from the day's journey remind me why I started in the first place. Remind me of
the thousands before me that started out the same and
who eventually got the luscious entities held within your
confines. Give me everything you have to offer and when
I scrape up your remains like a starved dog, put me to rest
on some broken patch of dead grass to remind me of my struggles, where I came from and where I'm going.
          America, America with your neon lights and
dream-filled wanderers, you have given me the greatest
thing I could ever have asked for: an imagination to see
beyond my situation into the life I could live.
America, America, hear me roar, see me soar, push
me farther than ever before.

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