The World Is a Busy Place

January 9, 2018
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So much to do
Every day there's something new
Headaches take over in the morning
The bus out the door is always horning
At times you might think it's bad to be bored
Others might say, "So much to do, Oh my Lord!"

Keep on going, no time to stop
Climb your life's mountain, till you reach the top
Everybody gets to choose
In their life if they want to win or lose

In your house or at school
You know you don't need to become a fool
Too much to bare
Yet everyone knows, life is not fair
Ups and downs come time to time
Still you will not do a crime
Peace or not, give it a shot
Let them hit the lights, on the spot

So much to do, every day there's something new
Now you know the world is a busy place, but now let us dismiss this case

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