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The house of endless shadow

January 9, 2018
By Lilith Shlosman BRONZE, Millcreek, Utah
Lilith Shlosman BRONZE, Millcreek, Utah
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there is a house, filled with shadows
Found in hell and the deepest hallows
deep within there lies a little girl
Her whitened hair in open curls
Her skin is pale and her heart is sore
from things she survived the years before
she lives alone and with her mind
she talks of all she left behind
she spent her days without a joy
then from the window she saw a little boy
He lay in the yard, covered with dirt
his hands with blood, his eyes with hurt
she ran out of her shadowed house
and in her chest her heart aroused
She looked upon his misshapen face
and upon his hair that felt like lace
she washed the blood from his hands
with her hair, her smile and
in return the little boy gave
his misshapen heart for her to save.
She smiled at him and put it back
and said "I need not something I do not lack"
She looked within herself and found
her heart was healed, perfect and round
upon it she found not a scratch
and in it she found a golden latch
on the latch there was the word
a strange one that she had never heard
the word was love and like a toy
she picked up and cuddled the little boy
she took him back to her shadowed house
and sat him down on a shredded couch
she showed him all of her deepest thoughts
and he showed her what's right and what's not
Her eyes would shine a bright, sky blue
And her heart would flutter and say "I love you"
She never thought she'd see the sun
She never thought she'd be loved by someone
but here she was with the little boy
who now became her pride and joy
he helped her and she helped him
even when the lights went dim
and so they live in this shadowed house
and sit upon the shredded couch
this fire inside them goes out: never
And their love will last: always and forever

The author's comments:

Originally Written by a very close friend of mine.

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