January 9, 2018
By agers22 BRONZE, London, Other
agers22 BRONZE, London, Other
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I bite into their flesh
Sweet mango dripping down my chin

In a land far away-
Filled with guns and mines and never-ending sin
They tell me, “woman go”
For I am their borrowed kin

Skin like leather, tan and barely mended
I feel responsible- I need to make amends
She tells me she envies her dead
And whispers, “they never saw the end”

My yesterday brothers once razed this land,
Sweet dope dripping through their veins.

Scars that run deep like craters
are all that remain
An ocean of separation
Grey like summer rain

In a land far away
I bite into the rind,
Sweet watermelon dripping down my chin-
And leaving chills down my spine.

The author's comments:

Over the summer, I visited Vietnam: a country still rebuilding their post-war society. I spent a prolonged amount of time in this beautiful place, and after visiting I feel indebted to their kindess and compassion that I certainly did not deserve.

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