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January 9, 2018
By Samnathabud BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
Samnathabud BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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I use to get a kiss on the forehead and a story to calm me to sleep
I use to get the caring words of a soft angel telling me to not weep
The toasty hug of a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer
The consent questions on how school was going or how things were going?
Now that the numbers changed from 17 to 18, i'm now a distant memory of what used to be your blood and genes
I miss the help of what I should do when someone waves goodbye or how to do that complicated equation that is keeping me from reaching my future
I use to be you're baby girl
And now i'm not part of your world
I use to be the first thing you came to in the morning and now you forget i'm even there
I use to be your solution and now i'm your problem
I use to be your little hard worker and now i'm just a slacker
I use to wish I could go back in time to fix our relationship but now I realized
I use to be someone else but now i'm finally me
I'm your blood and gene
I'm not an old left over where it's time to be thrown away

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