obsessive compulsive disorder

January 9, 2018
By kaylinwillis BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
kaylinwillis BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
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I know they’re illogical
The compulsions
I know that nothing will happen
If I don’t put my left shoe on before the right
Yet every day, I find myself lacing up the left first
I know that nothing will happen
If I don’t close all the doors, including ones without windows
And that there is absolutely no way a burglar could creep into my house
And even if one did, that my imaginary forcefield doors would not keep them at bay
Yet every day, I find myself closing the all the doors
Unable to leave until I do so
I know that nothing will happen
If don't listen to my car radio at a volume that ends in the number five or zero
For fear that I will crash
Yet every day, I crank up the music carefully, scrolling past the sevens and fours that in my mind would cause my car to somehow malfunction
I know nothing will happen
Yet I am not positive
for I have not yet to try to fight the compulsions
The fear of the unknown and unrealistic scenarios take over, causing a never ending battle between logic and what if

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