To Drown

January 9, 2018
By SerenaN BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
SerenaN BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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He drowned in a sea of grief. The grief held him down until he could no longer fight, it stretched far like the sea. So far out that you don’t even see all of it while standing at the water’s edge. The horizon doesn’t compare, like a fly to a bird. The scale being much farther and filled with such emotion that he could feel it press on his chest and being to suffocate him. A whole in his heart, a void nothingness that only the sorrow and misery was noticeable in the vast variety of sentiment pulsing through. His body became heavy like an anchor was pulling him down due to the suffocating pressure that built up in his chest until he couldn’t breath. As if a cinder block was attached to his feet, dragging him down and further into the spiral of depression. He reached the bottom, the pit, and his breath was lost to the pressure. Everything came bearing down, leaving him no time to prepare or run or hide. It was inescapable. The vast ocean of loss and woe opened and seem to swallow him up. The oxygen left in his lungs were easily lost in the sentiment, it forced him into a state of shock as it began to take hold of him. There was no fight, the battle was already won. A dependant in need of emotional support to survive, or in his case a lost soul that has just lost their support. The grief had his lungs collapsing in on themselves, his body began to shut down. The demise was short and peaceful, as drowning is euphoric. After suffering like a rabid dog would before being put down, he would finally sink and take a breath.

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