This was my dad

January 9, 2018
By alonefone GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
alonefone GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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Friendly as can be
Oh dad
A beard and a big tummy
Giant smiles,
Emerging from my face,
Jumping at you but you don't dare flinch
Please don't flinch
I love you
I hear the ice cream truck, Ringing by With its usual melancholy mindset,
Drilled into my brain And then suddenly, it all leaked into my veins And now
I'm crying On the sidewalk pointing at a wrapped chocolate bar,
Dad Distant as a flying bird
Oh dad
No hair and your spine now shows
Where is my dad?
Vann park hid you so clearly
Beyond the fence
I saw you crying
And picking pebbles out between toes,
The tears were too much,
I am afraid of crying with you
Dying with you
I can't relate to the people who smile everyday
It's hard to say that I knew my dad well and was with him every moment until he was gone
But he was gone When I was born And after that I only remember glimpses of him
Are they even of him?
I really don't remember
If he loved me
But his bottle really showed
And the spine that now sticks out of him Haunts me
Taunts me
his bald head and hollow eyes still kill me
The blood is dripping,
out of my ears
Oh dad Let me sleep Even if it is the bottle that sings to me
I listen with you And I care with you
But all I can remember is your spine.


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