Why Lie about it?

January 9, 2018
By Pilli SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Pilli SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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When I was younger I would always make myself promises
When I was 9 I told myself I would never be messy
When I was 12 I told myself I would never do drugs
When I was 13 I told myself I would never ever Fall in love
I don’t tell myself much anymore
Because you see a promise from me is never broken
I will keep it like a black man's life in 1971 locked up, searched for and never free
Except when it has to do with me
Because when I fell in love I broke every promise to myself to hold back and

I did the only thing my mind would allow

I let her in faster than a tsunami after poseidon clapped his hands and let loose on man to feel his wrath 

I let her swim so deep into my thoughts that when she hit the soft sand of my true being

I couldn’t understand why she stayed on my lonesome island
But she did
She used her soft fingers and dug deep into the sand and let her smile caress over every grain
She pumped her arms legs torso personality smile happiness and spirit into my heart and filled me until I was complete
  She used her arms to pull back every rib and opened up my soul until nothing was hidden from her
And now I feel so vulnerable

   So vulnerable that every secret I whisper to her is like revealing my achilles heel but not knowing how near Paris is

So vulnerable that in my darkest moments I know i've provided her with the gun ammo and a still shot to unleash upon me a torrent of vulnerabilities I have told nobody but her

  Because I have given her the key to my heart, the music to my soul, and the steering wheel to my mind and I'm waiting to see where the destination will be

Because yall. She made me a believer
She chopped out the insecurities, shined my smile, swallowed my heartache gleamed my bones, brightened my eyes, I mean she really brightened my eyes
From a dull brown, to a fizzling coke color sizzle
Because when I tell you that I can't keep my eyes off of her that is nothing but truthful
But I feel it's wrong to describe someone and begin with the superficial

  So ima talk about her, like her her
Ima talk about the way she orchestrates my hearts emotions with every half assed giggle she cant hold back

Ima talk about the way her neck smells like the sweetest most tantalizing fruit that intoxicates me more as I roam down her body

Ima talk about how even when I'm so tired my eyes see nothing I keep them pried open just so I can hear her talk a little bit longer

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