A Nonconsensual Rememory

January 9, 2018
By AnnaBee PLATINUM, Cambridge, Massachusetts
AnnaBee PLATINUM, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Right as I left the darkening storefront

I walked up to the edge of the world

And looked over

I saw

The long grey-blue skeleton dress I wore, belted

The bottle of alcohol and the cup, half full

The contents of his refrigerator: cheese, grapefruit juice, dry Whole Foods cookies

The chair, too art deco for the other furniture

The lamp, draped with a bedsheet

The mattress, naked, stained

On the ground, angled up at my face, was the mirror

My reflection’s mouth pulled down on the edges

Eyebrows a little closer than usual, faintly furrowed

Her gaze, the reflection down below, met mine

But it was so deep off the edge of the world

So I turned away from the objects of that night

And walked back to the glowing yellow storefront

To the warmth and the coke and half-empty tea boxes

And didn’t tell anyone about what I saw while looking over

The edge

The author's comments:

'Rememory' in the title reflects its use in Beloved: it follows the idea that in an environment, a painful or repressed memory can be so strong that it is tangible.

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