Betrayed by life and people

January 8, 2018
By Anonymous

 Im 14

and people betrayed me
People I  never talked  to
Still talk stuff
How come these people
Don't just tell the truth
What if I died
Will any one else care
And respect


I have to learn to be social

In time before the workforce
Life is too confusing for me
Suppose i die before life starts
They will play sad songs
But finally
Tell the world about me
Theres alot i want to do
And little
Has gotten done
Will any one else care
And respect


Only my true friends ever think

About my side of life

I should have been in photography club

My purpose is way better than theirs

Why do I have to be the

One who gets criticized

I have nothing to say for tomorrow

Will I not live long enough

To see my future

Will anyone care

And respect

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