Best Friends

January 8, 2018
By MMckenzie2003 BRONZE, Hazelwood MO, Missouri
MMckenzie2003 BRONZE, Hazelwood MO, Missouri
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My favorite people are my friends because they are nice,sweet,awesome and they always put a smile on my face.They make me laugh all the time plus they help me when i always need help or if i am upset they help me calm down and they always say that it is going to be okay.They invite to sleepovers and birthday parties even to new year party.My friends are the best thing i can have in my life even if i do not see them a lot we can still call or text each other.They even sit with me at lunch Plus they include me into their group .We will always work together and they will always be my besties forever and for life.My friends are cool,sweet.I will always call them My best friend gang.

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