Let it Snow

January 8, 2018
By 623410 BRONZE, Florrissant, Missouri
623410 BRONZE, Florrissant, Missouri
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I am fourteen                   

And the weather betrayed me               

The snow that I can't live without                           

Just looking out the window everyday waiting for it fall      

How come the snow is       

always shy                                       

What if I die before it snows next time                                       

Oh how I wished it would snow, snow, snow.

I have to learn that its “Mother Natures” choice

My dreams are too small to always come to life

Suppose I die before it snows

They will sing sad melodies

About a girl

Tell the truth about my dream

There is nothing else I want to wish for

And to much that has to be done

Oh how I wished it would snow, snow, snow

Nobody even stops to think

About my side of it

I should be able to throw a snowball in my brothers face

My wish is better than hers

Why do I have to be the one to get rejected

I have nothing to wish for tomorrow

Will I live long enough

For it to snow

Oh how I wished it would snow, snow, snow.

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