Because I learned ...

January 8, 2018
By x.smiley BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
x.smiley BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
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I sit in my seat gazing at the walls,
I feel chewed up Ballpark Bubblegum under the desk
I get scolded by teachers, and bullied by kids
I get disgusting school lunches, and get pushed in the hall by bunches
I get loved by teachers, and call some kids my friends
I cherish the moments of eighth grade and dred moments is eighth grade
But because of school I know what 2+2 is, but because of I school
I learned

I come home and do homework, and I grind my teeth at the teacher who assigned it
I talk back disrespect those who do it first
I get detention , and mumble some not so nice words about that teacher who gave it
I blames others for my mistakes cause I'm never guilty
I claim the teachers don't like me, only because I give them something not to like about me
But because of school I know what self respect is, but because of school
I learned

I look forward for Fridays, and hate to see my clock strike 10:30 on Sundays
I disagree with about half of my teachers decisions
I enjoy after school clubs, to express all of these binded up feelings
But still continue to hold grudges
I walk down the hall with my head down, thinking everyone is misjudging me , but I have still have people that love me
Because of school I know what pain, happiness, and depression is, but because of school
I learned

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