The Lag

January 8, 2018
By Anonymous

I am fourteen
And my game has betrayed me
The game I cannot live without
Still lags and glitches
In the most important parts
How come my game can’t flow regularly,
Always so choppy
What if I turned it off
Before it lagged
And the game never notices
And lets me start where I left off

I have to learn how to keep my anger under control
Before it turns off again
My patience is too small
Suppose I turn it off as it lags
They will put me in the exact spot I left off
But finally
Maybe the game will recognize what I am doing
There will be nothing I can do
And not enough
Can be done
When the game notices
And stops me from doing it

The game starts to stop me
But never knew why I did it
I should have just messaged
My skills were better than theirs
Why does my game have to be
Not flowing perfectly
I will have nothing to do tomorrow
Will I have enough to do
To not make bad decisions
While momma’s in her bedroom
With the door closed.

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