The Stories An Art Book Tells

January 3, 2018
By Anonymous

Drawing the life I wish that I lived in
With supplies from a little bit of everywhere
I wish a was a superhero, a princess, a millionaire
But most of all I wish that could be a normal kid
No more appointments, no more therapy
Just you and me making snowmen by the hill
I wish the lines that I drew were true and straight
I never choose to be born this way
Yet all the others give me scorn or just don’t care
I’m sorry that I cost the school district extra money
Essays are just too hard, let me sing it all instead
Tripping on my shoelaces as I fall into my bed
I dream of a world where equality exists
My fingers stained by markers and my heart in a fake bliss
I wish I could take my art book wherever I go
It tells my story better than the psychiatrist will ever know

The author's comments:

A poem about my life with dysgraphia

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