Beat this

January 3, 2018
By Anonymous

I smile but my insides are dying
I talk in a clam, clear voice but on the inside I’m screaming
I close my eyes waiting for darkness to enfold me
But it wont
I’m sick of this pain
It isn’t who I am
I won’t let it define me
My insides might be dying
But I won’t be anytime soon
I might be screaming on the inside but you won’t hear me
I will beat this
I might be sad today
But as long as tomorrow holds
Your sweet big brown eyes
Your loving touch
Your kind smile
As long as I have you buy my side I can do anything
You’re my rock
I will fight the thing trying to control me
As long as tomorrow holds you I’ll beat this
I’ll beat anything

The author's comments:

this is about fighting depression with my boyfriends help

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