Escaping Reality

January 3, 2018
By AnnieCostello BRONZE, Ann Abor, Michigan
AnnieCostello BRONZE, Ann Abor, Michigan
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Have you ever felt
The feeling of
Have you ever experienced
The wash of fresh air over your skin,
Your hairs standing on end,
Sending your heart racing
Have you ever seen
The blur of color passing by
And the magical loss of sound

Then a sudden splash of water
And the overwhelming adrenaline
You look up to the surface of the quietness you’re surrounded by
The peace
The blur of blue surrounding your senses
The surface changes everything
The pierce of screams, the muffled sound of an announcer
This is what makes it worth it
The thought that the crowd
Has no idea
The uniqueness
That only we can experience

Why are we crazy
Risk taking
All for just
Two seconds

It’s because those two seconds
Are two seconds
Of flying
Of euphoria
Of loss of control of the world
Of letting gravity and the works of the earth
Take over us

That is why we risk it all.

They say it’s easy
They say it doesn’t take much
They don’t know
The breakdowns
The loss of all hope
But also
The euphoria
The cheering
If only they
Could understand us
Our bare feet
On the simple piece of metal
That throws us up
And shoots us into a place different from

Have you ever
Through the true experience of
And spending two seconds
A flash
A blink of an eye
That feels like
Forever escaping


The author's comments:

I am personally a diver. Many peopl belive that the sport of diving doesn't require much physical strength and effort and is often looked past or ignored. I hope that my writing explains the experience its self of diving to the reader and the exhilirating experience that I get to escape to everyday.

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