10 ways to look at a mirror

January 2, 2018
By CalistaR BRONZE, Mount. Horeb, Wisconsin
CalistaR BRONZE, Mount. Horeb, Wisconsin
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1.A mirror discloses a story
Like the dark brown rings
On the inside of an Oak tree

2. Like the evil queen from Snow White
Your mirror gossips
To rise or bring you down

3. Mirror
Is a strobe like effect

4. Dawning and pretty
Wicked and cursed
Revealing all time(space)

5. A mirror grants gold
And snatches
What is not your blonde ombré hair
Hazel eyes
5 foot 4 inch body

6. Swaying and grinning
Regurgitating ghostly lard
Leaving you broken

7. A mirror comprises
Proportions of your
Ghostly body

8. You’re unique and beautiful
Lies the mirror darkly
Not at all sorry

9. Ugly face, kind soul
Ugly face, not at all
Ugly face, there’s the truth

10. Mirror, mirror on
The wall
Make me feel

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