Candle Wax and a Wishing Well

December 26, 2017
By thatoneemptyteen BRONZE, Vineyard, Utah
thatoneemptyteen BRONZE, Vineyard, Utah
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i cannot go on being the light in your dark world
because as soon as i return to my own,
the world sheds tears upon my flames
it is true that you brighten me up
but rather than allowing me time to soak up the light seeping out from my body
you drink all of my energy
leaving me with just enough to light the path to my private world,
but never enough to appreciate and take in what light i have been able to create

eventually, like a candle, i will run out of the burning matter
most of those who exist on this earth have an unlimited supply of wax for themselves,
but i have been run dry and replaced so many times
that even my outer shell is beginning to crack

how long will it take you to realize
all that’s left of me is a thin layering of a trail that has been beaten so many times, it is almost unrecognizable

just long enough, i suppose

when you finally notice how dry my wishing well is,
will you leave me with enough to find my way back to my own world
just as all those before you
will you steal what’s left against my will and leave me,
to walk through an unknown desert until someone comes along and offers me a sip of that precious water you have never appreciated?

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