Lost Another

December 26, 2017
By ari465 GOLD, Burbank, Illinois
ari465 GOLD, Burbank, Illinois
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I had hope for our friendship
I guess you didn’t
You ended it with just 7 words
All simple, no complexity
But much meaning behind them

You gave no explanation
At least I gave effort
I told you that I wouldn’t leave,
But I also told you friendship is a two-way road
I don’t get you

I was so aggravated
I didn’t know what else to do,
So I cried,
I cried until nothing would come out
I hoped you could feel what you did that night

You told me things that you told no one else
I kept those secrets to myself
But now I wonder,
How were we ever friends,
If you know nothing of my secrets?

See friends share those
It’s how they are recognized as friends
All I knew was how you were doing,
And you knew nothing of me,
I started to think you didn’t really need me

But I stayed
And everything seemed to be about you,
I was blind
You were the one to blind me with your charm,
You seemed to have manipulated me

I fell for it then because I liked you, maybe even loved
You knew that,
And used my weakness
You knew I would’ve done anything for you
You betrayed my trust

I’ve lost another
You were perfect, and I was fooled
My heart thought you were the one
And my mind didn’t know what to think
I wish I did see this from before

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