A Wolf in Man's Clothing

December 26, 2017
By Ateri SILVER, Blaine, Minnesota
Ateri SILVER, Blaine, Minnesota
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"In writing, you must kill all your darlings.”-William Faulkner

Scruffy beasts squeeze into waistcoats and dress pants

Canine teeth dine on Real human dreams
Jagged tongues sip Real human tears
Then preach subtle uncertainties
Like lullabies for their ears

Scruffy beasts squeeze into waistcoats and dress pants

And wait patiently with sharpened claws
For lovely little soft-haired folk
Pretend to listen with wiry oversized ears
‘But don’t question it, my dear
The bigger the ears, the better we hear’
Then gobble them up
Not a single strand left

Scruffy beats squeeze into waistcoats and dress pants

And come home to beastly wives
Who comb through their wiry lies
And serve them aged rhetorics
With carefully carved panderings
Then lap the blood of aspirations
Off each yellowed fang

Scruffy beasts slip off their waistcoats and dress pants

Fully revealed in the Dead of the night
Dim beastly eyes blink shut
Sweet Dreams built from Nightmares
Birth of tomorrow's exploits

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