December 26, 2017
By MalisynPyle BRONZE, Gardner, Kansas
MalisynPyle BRONZE, Gardner, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"What is coming is better than what is gone."

One body.
Standing on a hill of serenity,
bearing nothing but his soul.
The sun that warms his skin
glows with a burnt yellow.
The blades of grass
underneath his feet welcome him.
It’s as if,
a single string has entwined his hands,
pulling them to the sky.
Allowing for a blissful surrender.

The author's comments:

We're all looking for something, or someone that will complete us, broken and all. This poem shows vulnerability, and it shows the allowance of the light that comes from within, allowing ourselves to be exactly who we are, and freely. The universe isn't against anybody. It's for everyone. No matter where you've come from or who you are or where you are headed. It's welcoming and standing ready with open arms to recieve all that you are, you just have to embrace it. 

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