Happy Birthday

December 25, 2017
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Cheers, to the
Good memories that we shared
Over the 4 years
We knew each other.
On an equally light note,
You are older,
More burdened,
And ever so slightly taller than yesterday.
(Only maybe)
But as a wise friend once told me
(It wasn't you)
Nothing actually happens,
Nothing at all.

Maybe that wasn't as light as
Might want?
Give me a second chance,
(Even if I'm on my
Millionth one),
This time I will return your
Across the classroom
Saying with my eyes
(There's bad grammar on the
Board. Why don't you see how frustrated I am?),
You will laugh.
That's the goal of life,
Isn't it?
Eternal happiness,
Or just one small smile
For the camera
Say cheese.
Your smile captured forever on paper.

Cheers, to the
Good memories we shared
Over the 4 years
We knew each other.
Cheers, to many more smiles,
Good grammar,
Growing tall,
And sideways glances across the room.
Cheers, to
Best wishes
Many more (good) memories
To come.
Happy Birthday!

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