December 25, 2017
By Ameera_Ali BRONZE, Maple Grove, Minnesota
Ameera_Ali BRONZE, Maple Grove, Minnesota
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On July 22nd of 2016 Taylor Hayden, a Wayzata alumni, was tragically caught between the crossfires of two gangs at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Her family and friends are bringing awareness to the topic of gun violence and want our support to help educate people about guns and the violence they cause. Her tragic death is only one of many each year, and each and everyone of them change people’s lives forever.

14,750 people,
this year alone.
Suicides, murders, accidents.
All done by the same weapon--
a gun.

A failure, you are,
when you disrespect
the Constitution and its rights.
The 2nd amendment was supposed to protect you
from something like big brother,
instead someone’s big sister is dead
from 2nd degree murder.

“She was caught in the crossfires,” they say.
Talking about the gun and the gang,
not about her desire to live.
Her life was ended
the same way she entered the world,
with one breath,
shot out of her from a pistol.

Gun violence
leaves many people in silence,
a zipper sewn over their lips.
They can only filter words about gun control,
not about the malice behind the trigger.

They feel bigger,
with power and strength.
A gun gives them a voice to scream with,
creating chaos with their ruckus.

An understanding is what everyone needs.
This nation needs to be filled with communication.
Help the people who are violent,
instead of standing, looking, and staying silent.
Teach people how to use their voice as a cry for help,
not the gun sitting on their dad’s shelf.

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