Let Me Speak

December 24, 2017
By Geo_16 BRONZE, Houston , Texas
Geo_16 BRONZE, Houston , Texas
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Shunned by a broken society
Bottled up emotions are what derive within me
God bless those who have the voice of the people at heart
Stand up
Speak up
Voice that factual opinion
Stop those who take your rights
My Rights
You are a caterpillar
Waiting to become a butterfly
In this cocoon we call the ghetto
In this garden of eden we call the hood
It shouldn’t matter what colors you rep
Inside we are the same color
So step
Now that you opened your eyes
You can see you are the butterfly
You were always meant to be
You lay the track
You draw the lines
So step
Stand up you are the butterfly
You were always meant to be
Stand Up
Rise Up
If you see what I see
You don't need to speak
Just stand with me

The author's comments:

Some views I have about my communities issues.

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