Drunken Haze

December 24, 2017
By Geo_16 BRONZE, Houston , Texas
Geo_16 BRONZE, Houston , Texas
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The Depression that's been restin in my shoulders
In bed tears runnin down my face
I can't believe what I contemplate
I can't believe suicides on my f***ing mind
A trapped mind is where my dreams lie

The depression that's been restin on my shoulders
spending all my time looking for that locomotive
My train of thought, I see it but my vision isn't focused
Everything is in slow motion
Just driving down the street coastin

A drunken haze swervin
Mind gone , if flew through the bullet sized hole
in his head
He looked in the mirror sees deformities
The external are hidden
The internals are the ones you couldn't miss
missguided in life by false prophets
They themselves are dummies like puppets
I'm f***ing sick but I ain't even coughing

Mental Health isn’t a joke
I get it , I’ve seen it
We’ve all been through it

In a state of mind where it all goes blank
A state of mind where you can't think straight
State of mind where you feel like you're in a fish tank
Trapped within 4 walls
With only your conscience
With the voices within your walls

Man….. If these walls could talk they would
Tell a story 
A story of a young being
With a past that haunts them
Know your not alone
Know there's a place you can call home
Know that in the dark night there is a bright shining light
Know that you're not alone in this fight

The author's comments:

This piece is alittle taste of something I see in my world. Hope you enjoy.

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