Roller Coaster

December 23, 2017
By myad2949 PLATINUM, Strafford, New Hampshire
myad2949 PLATINUM, Strafford, New Hampshire
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The carnival. Everybody's favorite thing. There's fun and games, laughs and smiles. Nothing can go wrong. The carnival. But, what if my carney heart isn't just a game anymore? What if i don’t want it to be? What if i want it to be more? I hate to say it but the fair is closing, no more emotional rides. No more twists and turns, drops and loop-de-loops. The fairground is being locked up, for now. The rides are under repair. The rollercoaster is getting torn down by the owner. Somebody got hurt pretty bad. She got tired and let go of the bar on an unexpected loop and fell out. She broke her heart when she fell. I saw it shattered on the concrete. It was a terrible sight to see. After a bit of ice cream, some Lady and The Tramp, and some Adele, she brushed it off like it never even happened. She put on jeans, a sweatshirt, put her hair in a braid, wiped away the tears, put on her smile, put her heartbreak in her pocket and wore her happy around her neck. She was ready for another day of concealing the scars from the night before. But I heard, she’ll go back to the carnival again and again waiting for only god knows.

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This is a quite personal one.

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