Happy and Sad

December 23, 2017
By GraceB17 BRONZE, East Taunton, Massachusetts
GraceB17 BRONZE, East Taunton, Massachusetts
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Happy and sad like ice cream
Ice cream is delicious but fattening
Happy and sad like flowers
Flowers live beautiful lives then decay like teeth
Happy and sad like death
Death gives you release but gives other people grief
Happy and sad like parasites
Parasites get to eat while the host gets beat
Happy and sad like a light switch
The light switch gives you light but then leaves you in the darkness
Happy and sad like a movie
Movies start but then end just like that
Happy and sad like life
Life gives you pain happiness love and fear
Happy and sad

The author's comments:

I get happy and sad, I can be happy and sad at the same time, which is why I wrote this because this is my life. Hopefully this is something others can relate.

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