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December 23, 2017
By youngsurvivor BRONZE, Savannah, Georgia
youngsurvivor BRONZE, Savannah, Georgia
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hey, can i hang.

like your long growing bangs?

i have been wondering

why i fell for something

thats not cute but fun

not sweet but vicous

something most dislike

why are you the one?


ok so i was wrong.

you are both

your sweet and vicous

not a hottie still

most dislike you cause of jealousy

some whether hurt me

you know my secrets

yet you wont harm me

you keep your anger down

talk it out

thats a man we need around


you wouldnt cry

you wouldnt show it

but now you will

if tears start coming

you cried on my shoulder

cause you had to leave

thats something ill remember

if i try, yes me.


you know my personality

you say im adorable

you dont make me dress up sexy

you go with the flow

ill have stains on my shirt

yet im still cute

and that comes from you.

you dont like makeup

it covers my beauty

and all this explains

one simple thing


theres true ones for others.

but your the true one for me.

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