Yours Truly

December 23, 2017
By Peffer BRONZE, Saanichton, Columbia
Peffer BRONZE, Saanichton, Columbia
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White shell shards peek
behind shadows,
the green shore past
Seaweed and pure white, bubbling foam
outlining the waves
Farther-out blue, darker, grayer
than the sky, cloud-covered
Also gray

There are seagulls above, floating
against the breeze; such ease!
White-gray feathers blending
to the sky,
searching for shellfish
Pure, clean shells

The weather
Ocean’s breath of cold fall
gushing as waves rise
hussh, shussh
Handing the beach-flabby kelp
and seaweed
to Land

Trees on the right,
green leaves wafting
this way, that way
Out on the sea, white sailing boats glide
across the spit
Painted against the blue-gray-green
mountains behind

All Created,
yours Truly

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